Our new store in Indianapolis will be the 6th west elm to stock and sell Etsy items from local sellers! With the recent launch of Etsy Wholesale, we’re adding local Etsy collections to all our new stores. See who we’re working with…


red-headed-wood-pecker-50-little-birds-carve-west-elm-etsy-indiana-indianapolis-handmade-local-craft wood-doily-coasters-uncommon-west-elm-etsy-indiana-indianapolis-handmade-local-craft visualingual-salad-greens-seed-bombs-west-elm-etsy-indiana-indianapolis-handmade-local-craft
basil-dill-cilantro-chives-parsley-visualingual-herbs-edible-seed-bombs-west-elm-etsy-indiana-indianapolis-handmade-local-craft house-wren-50-little-birds-geoffrey-davis-blue-stone-folk-school-west-elm-etsy-indiana-indianapolis-handmade-local-craft tiny-bliue-scallop-wood-clock-retro-vintage-style-west-elm-etsy-indiana-indianapolis-handmade-local-craft
wood-flowers-bouquet-uncommon-handmade-west-elm-etsy-indiana-indianapolis-handmade-local-craft visualingual-dog-cat-friendly-seed-bombs-kit-treats-west-elm-etsy-indiana-indianapolis-handmade-local-craft kentucky-warbler-50-little-birds-west-elm-etsy-indiana-indianapolis-handmade-local-craft

Stop by the new Indianapolis store when we open on November 15 — or purchase directly through Etsy by clicking on the images above or visiting the links below:

50 Little Birds by Geoffrey Davis
Uncommon Handmade by Jessie Leman
Visualingual by Maya Drozdz and Michael Stout

west elm is working with Etsy Wholesale to feature local and regional collections in more new stores this year — look for Etsy collections in west elm Vancouver, west elm Palo Alto, west elm Costa Mesa, and west elm Salt Lake City!

Etsy Wholesale
Etsy Wholesale on the Horizon

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caroline @trend-daily

November 14, 2012

I wish you were in the UK. Such a brilliant idea. I’m afraid I had never heard of West Elm until recently, but now you’re on my blogroll and one of my latest obsessions! 🙂

Geoffrey Davis

November 14, 2012

I am so thrilled to be a part of this effort! My Little Birds are going to look so great in this beautiful new space!


November 14, 2012

I am a big fan of Geoff Davis’ work. So glad West Elm is featuring him. I will be there opening day!

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Shell @Clyde and Eli Design

November 15, 2012

Kansas City? We are an amazing art community! Hope to see some ideas passed our way. Great concept and best wishes to all!


November 19, 2012

I am an Etsy artist, and I think it is fabulous you are supporting your local artitst!

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