We’re featuring some of our favorite Etsy artists this season in our catalog and online, including HANDS Artshop‘s halftone prints! Hayley Snider and Stephen Silva print their own original travel photography on heavy newsprint-quality paper, which adds a distinctive texture and graphic quality to the images. We connected with the Seattle-based duo to talk road trips, day jobs, and theme songs…


west elm etsy halftone photo prints DIY

west elm Etsy b&w photo print corbusier villa savoye

What’s the HANDS Workshop / HANDS Artshop origin story?

In late fall of 2010, we schemed up a not-so-little road trip that would take us from the Pacific Northwest through the southern arc of the United States. We decided to fund the trip by producing small wares that we could carry with us, tailor to specific locales, and distribute along the way. We designed a set of customizable coasters fashioned out of reclaimed maps –and voila! – HANDS Workshop was born!

We opened our Artshop several months later. For us, it’s a little more personal. The photographs we select for this shop present our own relationships with the places we’ve been. And we actually see Artshop as a broader venue for design explorations, one-offs, and prototyping. Stay tuned.

Etsy west elm halftone prints DIY silkcreen

Is this your full-time job, a hobby, or something else entirely? What do you fantasize about HANDS becoming?

We both work full time as architectural interns by day—slipping into our HANDS uniforms by night to fill orders and develop new schemes (we’re big on scheming.) In five years we’d like to see HANDS exploring different scales, with more focus in three dimensions: small home goods, furniture, a cabin!

etsy west elm b&w halftone photo print seattle

How does Seattle influence your art and your day-to-day life as a studio?

The act of moving to Seattle from California has influenced our work more than city itself. The move encouraged us to explore how one identifies with place—whether it’s where you’ve been, where you are, or where you’re headed. During the famously gray winter months, we tend to get a lot of work done… But in all seriousness, it’s a stunning urban landscape with a very active design culture. It is very easy to feel inspired here.

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What is the Hands Artshop theme song?

Road to Nowhere by the Talking Heads!

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Haley and Stephen’s print is featured on page 41 of catalog #11, and on westelm.com. You can follow HANDS Artshop and HANDS Workshop on their blog.

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