It’s amazing what some paint and wallpaper can do to update a room! Interior designer Brad Ramsey updated a friend’s master bedroom by painting and rearranging furniture — and adding some key new pieces from west elm…



I am an interior designer and I took on a side project for a friend and repurposed some of their old furniture by painting it and changing the hardware as well as raising a dresser onto a metal base. I wallpapered one wall, painted the room, installed a new chandelier and gave them all new linen drapes. But what pulled it all together were the pieces that I incorporated into the room from west elm: headboard, bedding, chaise, and decorative pillows! In the end, I think it was a home run for their eclectic style!




Can you believe it’s the same space? Thanks for sharing Brad! See more of Brad work at



west-elm-blake-chaise-bedroom-before-after-modern-accent-chair-lounge west-elm-modern-bedding-bed-bedroom-euro-sham-pillow-case-jacquard-neutral-pattern-texture west-elm-gustavian-upholstered-scroll-headboard-modern-bed-bedroom

Images: via Ashley Hylbert, west elm


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Kathleen Rooney

October 22, 2012

Love everything except chaise at foot of bed.


October 22, 2012

I didn’t think the before was so bad, but the after is to die for! But…I hate how interior designers always remove ceiling fans. I am in Texas and that would never fly with me!

Iris Walls

October 22, 2012

Did not care for the chaise at the foot and I need a ceiling fan – HORMONES!


October 22, 2012

I agree with the person above, I like both! Here in Alabama we need need fans as well.


October 22, 2012

Love the after. I agree about the ceiling fans. We live in Southern California, and they are a necessity. I would like to see some ceiling fan make overs. I know they are not the most stylish lighting option, but to some of us, they are necessary.


October 22, 2012

The room’s too bright & high key for a bedroom where we assume one would want to rest. And I agree with Kathleen, the chaise is awkward and out of scale at the foot of the bed. Overall, brightening the brown wood tones in the BEFORE would have been enough.


October 22, 2012

don’t like this makeover!..and would miss the ceiling fan, too.

Kimberly Daniels

October 22, 2012

LOVE the wallpaper…where, where, where can I buy it??


October 22, 2012

The before was way better looked nice and cozy!!! the after has to go…..


October 22, 2012

Not my favorite remodel. All the ‘before’ room needed was some patterned drapes and a softer shade of neutral gray to brighten the room. Pops of color in the accessories (i.e. throw pillows, drapes, side table lamps, etc.) would have been preferable to drowning the entire room in it and also made it more adaptable if they decide to remodel again in the future, but that’s just my personal opinion.

godiva de maus

October 22, 2012

I think it’s a makeover fail. It looks dated. The scale isn’t right. I love chandeliers, but where I live the ceiling fans are used to make maximum use of home heat and to help cool in summer (as it’s not really cost effective to have a/c — temperate climate). The original nightstands are classics..

Now if the goal was to take it from looking somewhat masculine to up the femininity quotient, I’d say on that score they accomplished the goal. But it was like putting little hearts and stars above your cursive “i”s. Far more appropriate for a tween or teen than for an adult woman.

Rebecca Corlew

October 22, 2012

I like the before better


October 22, 2012

I love it, can you come over and do a room at my house!


October 24, 2012

I don’t know what some of these people are talking about. The before is dark and dated not at all classic. The after is refreshing and bright. I love it even the chase. It breaks it up. Not everyone needs a fan I prefer the chandelier. Great job.


October 25, 2012

Looks great but I think I’d need a place to put all of those pillows!


October 28, 2012

I love the bedding in the after, but the overall feel of the before better. The before design was soothing (as a bedroom should be), but the wallpaper/wall color in the after is too bright/overwhelming. I also preferred the furniture in the before – the side tables had a classic, clean appeal that could have been easily “modernized” with new hardware. Not a fan of the chaise.

And as a Texas girl, I need a fan, but I understand why someone who doesn’t need a fan would want a more attractive light fixture.

Joan Bartos

March 22, 2013

What are all you people talking about? The “before” is gloomy and outdated. The “after” just glows! I love it! And for you people who need a fan,great. There are lots of beautiful,sleek fans on the market that could compliment this bedroom. I personally find the slightly oversize painted chandelier quite charming. Great job!

The only suggestion I would make would be to reiterate what some have said about the chaise.It does compete with the bed and it’s lines are too different from the curves in the headboard and the wallpaper’s curvaceous pattern. You might want to move it and go with a clear “ghost” bench or a smaller scale chaise with a very sexy, curvaceous back and legs.


March 28, 2013

In the before pictures, you can tell that there is a little cot where a kid sometimes sleeps at the foot of the bed. As a mama, I thought the chaise at the end of the bed was genius. You don’t have to keep it forever, but it sure beats the sleeping bag or cot that lots of parents have in their rooms for a few years. I love the make over!

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