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Find what you love to do, and make that your job. This is the type of maddening advice that’s easy to give and incredibly difficult to follow, but it’s exactly what Joy Cho did! She started Oh Joy! as a personal outlet for her dual obsessions of food and design. Seven years later, Oh Joy! is now a blog, graphic design studio, and creative consulting firm. Joy still updates Oh Joy! with drool-worthy photos and style inspiration, and has even found the time to write a couple of books. Blog Inc.: Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community was released this month, so it was the perfect time to talk to one of blogland’s wunderkinds.
Living Room Secrets From A Stylish Oh Joy west elm

How did Oh Joy! first start + what feeds your passion to keep it going?

When I started my blog in 2005, it was purely a personal outlet for my design work and inspirations. I had no plans for anyone to really read it. But within a few months, I got hooked on the idea of sharing the things I love with other people.

Maintaining a blog everyday can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially during those times when you’re low on ideas or feeling a bit of writer’s block. I’ve certainly had those moments. When that happens I try to walk outside my comfort zone and do new things to get the creative juices flowing. I love blogging and will continue to do it for as long as it’s enjoyable for me.

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How would you describe your personal style?

Since I design a lot of patterns in my work, you see that in my style a lot, both in fashion and home decor. Ever since moving to California from the East Coast a few years ago, I also feel like I’m much less afraid to use color.

joy cho west elm gold polka dot wallpaper DIY

Blog Inc. is hot off the presses. Congrats! You interviewed 15 other successful bloggers for the project. What common thread stood out to you?

Thanks! I’m really excited about this one, because anyone can start a blog. They just need a little inspiration and guidance. The common thread is that everyone who’s had a successful blog began their site out of a true passion that they wanted to share with others. Every person I interviewed who now makes a living off blogging began out of a love of things they enjoy and felt like they could write about every day. Not one started a blog simply to make money.

Joy Cho blogging book Blog Inc. west elm

Is there an Oh Joy! post or project that you’re particularly proud of?

I’m excited about my new Make Someone Happy series! It’s all about simple things you can make or do to make someone else happy, whether they’re a loved one or a complete stranger.

Fans of the blog have followed your food adventures around the world. What bites would you drop everything to travel for right now?

The sushi from the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo and all of the green tea desserts in Japan. Really, two of the best things I’ve ever had in my life!

oh joy west elm japan green tea desserts

You can see updates from Joy on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, + Instagram. And if you’re in New York or Los Angeles, you can help celebrate the release of Joy’s new book at one of her upcoming book launch parties at west elm stores this month!

Images by Joy Cho

Blog Inc. Book Tour: Oh Joy! + west elm
Smilebooth + Oh Joy! Book Launch at west elm Chicago
Mother’s Day Ice Cream Treats by Joy Cho of Oh Joy!

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andrea nicole

October 9, 2012

what a great interview! she continues to inspire me. her advice is spot-on and her taste is always impeccable. i always recommend that blog to friends. great interview!

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