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Danielle Krysa’s The Jealous Curator collects artwork that’s so good, you wish you made it yourself! The Vancouver-based artist and designer has been channeling artistic envy into invaluable creative inspiration since 2009, and her blog is a terrific resource for anyone with a love of contemporary art and maybe a little jealousy of their own!

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We love that your blog turns envy into something positive and motivational! Why do you think that this resonates so much with artists and creative types?

Well, that’s exactly how I feel when I find work that I love, which is why I started the blog! I think the important thing is not allowing that “jealousy” to stop you in your tracks. You have to use it to fuel yourself, to get back into the studio and keep pushing, until you feel satisfied… if that’s possible. This is kind of weird, but I’m not happy with a piece until I think that The Jealous Curator might write about it! Yep, there’s a bit of split personality thing going on over here…

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What do you think is the common thread that draws you to all of the different work you feature?

I love such a huge range of art, but when you see it all together there is definitely ‘a look’. I’m a graphic designer by day, and so I tend to be attracted to things that are simple, clean, and ‘designy’ — I don’t think that’s a word, but you know where I’m going! I also have a love of all things ‘craft’, so the combination of the two seems to be where my heart is.

Can you share an example of a Jealous Curator post that surprised you — either by being crazy-popular, crazy polarizing, or surprisingly lame?

Last summer I wrote a piece that was very different than my usual posts. An artist friend of mine was struggling and felt very alone. I told her I’d write a post to prove that she definitely wasn’t… and it worked! The comments that came rolling in were amazing, thoughtful, understanding, encouraging and empathetic! In fact, my friend has since printed those comments and made them into a little book. Whenever she’s having a bad day she flips through it to remember that she is, in fact, not even close to alone!

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We love your ART GOES HERE column on sfgirlbybay! What’s your approach for matching interiors with contemporary art?

My approach is gut instinct, to be totally honest. I see a space, and work just starts popping into my head! I like to think slightly outside of the box, though. Sometimes a huge painting is the way to go, but let’s not forget about installations, wall-mounted ceramics, and the occasional neon tape mural!

My advice: Choose artwork that you absolutely love. It doesn’t have to “match your couch”, but its dimensions and style should work with the space. And if you really have no idea what you want, or how to hang it… call me. I have a few clients at the moment and will happily help you too!

Danielle Krysa Art Goes Here sfgirlbybay

Is there a particular project that you’re particularly proud of?

GIRL CRUSH is an art workshop & tea party I started in the Spring of 2012! They’re a series of one-day art workshops held at the studios of amazing women. We talk insecurities, artist blocks, and inspiration. We eat fancy sandwiches, and pretty cakes. And then we make art. I’ve been to four cities already (San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis), and I’m headed to Philly on October 13. They have all been amazing, inspiring, and delicious experiences!

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Congrats on recently purchasing your dream home! Is this the biggest blank canvas you’ve ever faced?

Thank you! Yes, this is absolutely the biggest canvas I’ve ever faced, but I cannot wait. I’ve been pinning my little heart out, and now I’ve got a plan (P.S. There’s a west elm chandelier with my name on it.)

The house is 100 years old, and overlooks vineyards and a lake. Seriously! It’s been totally renovated, but the original floors, wooden doors, and big stone fireplace remain. My plan is to paint all of the rooms with neutrals and then I’ll bring color in with the accessories and the art. Lots and lots of art!

I have to admit, because of all my planning, I’m a little bit addicted to LA photographer Bonnie Tsang’s “Living Spaces” Pinterest board… so much inspiration to be found there!

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You can see updates from Danielle on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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