We are excited to announce our participation in Etsy Wholesale — a new separate marketplace for qualified Etsy sellers that makes it easier for shops and retailers like west elm to stock and sell Etsy items in our stores. With the recent opening of west elm Vancouver, we introduced the first in-store collection from local artists sourced through Etsy! See who we’re working with and find out more about Etsy Wholesale


blue-white-vase-small-etsy-west-elm-collection-vancouver-bc-seller-artist-handmade-herringbone-chevron-vase ceramic-vase-eikcam-bud-trio-dandelion-floral-flower-small-earthenware-west-elm-vancouver-british-columbia lamp-paper-fold-origami-fiberlab-fiber-lab-west-elm-etsy-vancouver-exclusive-art
handprint-etsy-navy-anchor-vancouver-west-elm-tea-towel-blue-white-nautical-sea-sailor color-rainbow-modern-small-striped-bottle-vases-west-elm-etsy-dahlhaus-vancouver ceramic-barn-owl-rustic-clay-west-elm-vancouver-etsy-design-art-handmade
west-elm-etsy-eikcam-birch-ceramic-vases-bud-flower-slender-tall-thin-skinny-clay-vancouver-tree-art-design-handmade walter-helena-photo-photography-etsy-west-elm-vancouver-handmade-seller-art-print-neutral-shop-nadine-boyd anchor-pill-bottle-ceramic-cork-small-clay-west-elm-etsy-vancouver-rcboisjoli
clouds-neutral-art-nadine-boyd-west-elm-vancouver-etsy-walter-helena-photography folded-paper-bubble-vancouver-west-elm-etsy-fiber-lab-blue-origami-lamp-shade-decor-handmade color-stripe-art-etsy-handmade-west-elm-vancouver-bottle-vase-dahlhaus-modern

Stop by the new Vancouver store — or purchase directly through Etsy by clicking on the images above or visiting the links below:

Dahlhaus Art by Heather Dahl
Eikcam by Grace Lee
Fiber Lab by Justina
RCBoisjoli Studios
Walter Helena Photography by Nadine Boyd

west elm is working with Etsy Wholesale to feature local and regional collections in four more new stores this year — look for Etsy collections in west elm Salt Lake City, west elm Palo Alto, west elm Costa Mesa, and west elm Indianapolis when they open later this year!

Etsy Wholesale
Etsy Wholesale on the Horizon

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sophia farah

November 1, 2012

very nice and chic looking…looks like it belongs in a beach house..very fresh and young looking. Lovely:)

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