Johannesburg-based Adriaan Hugo and Katy Taplin are the husband and wife team Dokter and Misses. Designers of furniture, lighting and interior objects, their modern solutions are functional and attractive…


What inspires you?

Travel, music, art…

How would you describe your work?

Multi functional, with a focus on decorative functionalism. For instance — a standing mirror that includes a coat hook. The shape and construction of a piece should be what makes it attractive, and should not detract from its core function.


Where do you like to work?(/h4)

Ideas generally come to us when we’re on the road, thereafter things are refined and tested in our studio/workshop.



Who are your favorite artists and designers?

Tom Dixon for his use of material. Dieter Rams for his ten principles of good design. Gregor Jenkin for his fusion of art and design. Jasper Morrison for the super normal. The simplicity and strength of their work. Each individual has an aesthetic that is tied to functionality rather than trend or ornamentation.

What’s your approach to decorating?

A space should to be both personal and functional. It’s a good idea to start with artworks or key statement pieces and then support these with good storage and so that they can shine.


Tell us about your lamp for west elm. How did it come together? What inspired its shape + materials?

At the time we wanted to incorporate ceramics into our products and thought that shades would be a good place to begin. Until then everything was predominantly steel. One Saturday morning Adriaan began bending some flat bar in the workshop and the lamp pretty much just “happened”.


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