Meet Chris Silverston and the artists of Potter’s Workshop, a Cape Town collective where ceramicists are trained by years of apprenticeship.

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potters-workshop-ceramics-table-top-entertaining-dishes-black-white-design-west-elm-modern-south-africa potters-workshop-west-elm-modern-design-south-africa-pillows-textiles-neutral-tribal-living-room-decor-accent-throw west-elm-modern-dishes-south-africa-color-tabletop-red-blue-yellow-green-black-dots-beans-potters-workshop-entertaining-collaboration-modern

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simple styling // west elm « et al.lison

July 18, 2012

[…] west elm is killin’ it (per usual) with the potter’s workshop collection. the patterned pieces are straight from cape town, south africa where artists are trained in an apprenticeship-type program until they become ceramic masters. see more here. […]


September 28, 2012

I’m so thankful to West Elm for bringing South Africa’s beautiful works of art to mainstream America. Chris and the Potter’s Workshop pieces are simply GORGEOUS, colorful, bright, happy…. And now I can easily have something of theirs, of South Africa, in my home.

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