When we asked the Schmidt Brothers to participate in our Watermelon Challenge — we had no idea what we were in for!

Materials + Supplies

• A spacious location
• Crafty friends
• A couple of picnic blankets
• Cutting boards
• Stencils
• Markers
• Toothpicks
• Paper towels
• Trash bags
Schmidt Brothers Acacian knives
• Lots of watermelons!


First, pick a venue. This is a perfect activity for a back yard BBQ or even a local park — we’re working in New York’s Washington Square Park. Next, invite your friends! Once you and your friends have arrived at the party, set up takes no time. Just lay out several picnic blankets. There are many inexpensive plastic-lined picnic blankets on the market that make cleanup a snap.


Now it is time to start carving. Stencils can be a big help if you aren’t sure where to start. When choosing a stencil, keep in mind the amount of detail in your image. Stencils with simple lines will be much easier to carve than stencils with more organic lines.


When marking on your watermelon, you can use dry erase markers so that you can erase any stray marks when you are finished.


If you decide to carve out shapes from the rind, one tip is to cut out sections of the rind, then “fillet” the back, so that you have a thin layer of rind instead of a full watermelon to battle. This is especially helpful when carving letters.


For accidental slips or fancy designs, use toothpicks to hold together different pieces of your watermelon. This is a great way to add more dimension and detail to your watermelon creation!


Once you and your friends have finished your masterpieces, it is time to show off your melons! Use your melons for serving bowls, centerpieces, or even street performances. You will be surprised by how many people love watermelon carvings!







– Jordan & Jared Schmidt


Jordan and Jared Schmidt are the founders of Schmidt Brothers Cutlery, a Brooklyn-based company seeking simple and elegant ways to improve upon classic German steel knives. Shop their collection at west elm and connect with the brothers on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

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