Cocktail + Soda = Sparkly Poptail. A poptail is an easy and refreshing summer drink — just spike your favorite fruity soda! Mix individual drinks or prepare a pitcher to share.

Red Pom Pom

    serves 2
    4 oz vodka
    1 lime + its juice
    8 oz pommegranate soda

For each poptail, combine 2 oz vodka with %frac12 oz fresh lime juice and pour into glass over ice.

Finish with 4 oz of pomegranate soda and a quick stir.

Garnish with a slice of lime.

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May 11, 2012

Sounds delicious!! Never heard of pomegranate soda…can I get that in the supermarket?


May 11, 2012

We like the Izze brand for Pomegranate Soda! But there are other options, too!


May 11, 2012

Great! Thanks! 🙂


July 6, 2012

Trader Joe’s also has a delicious pomegranate soda. They also have other flavors like blueberry and clementine! Yum!

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