FEATURED: Stripe Shower Curtain
WHY IT WORKS: Interior Designer Harry Heissmann put west elm’s Citron Stripe Shower Curtain to excellent use in this penthouse project in New York City’s West Village. The curtain is the perfect match to the bathroom design with striped yellow + white tiles by Element Design Group.

Check out the rest of this apartment’s inspiring design by Harry Heissmann and Element Design Group in New York Magazine | The More-Personality-Per-Square-Foot Equation.

gray-stripe-shower-curtain-west-elm-modern-bathroom-bathSHOP STRIPES
Striped Shower Curtain
New Stripes for Summer

Image: by Russell Gera via New York Magazine


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May 8, 2012

I absolutely love this! I have white tile – I wonder if I could paint every other row to achieve a similar look?

Well done!

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