This Spring, Amy and the ladies of Amy Osaba Event Floral Design will be selling stems and sharing floral advice at the Pop-Up Flower Shop at west elm Atlanta. We asked Amy to share some florist tips with Front & Main — from her favorite stems to expert advice on containers and vessels. Check it out!

What is your favorite inexpensive stem/filler to use in your designs?

I typically use Ranunculus — a lot. I just love how they look like mini peonies!


What is your favorite splurge stem?

Definitely Peonies, coral charms to be exact. I also adore any garden rose, kabuke or the Juliets are fabulous. Full large blooms. I always say good taste is a blessing and a curse. You have good taste but you have to pay for it…


What tool would you recommend to a novice florist? What is the best bang-for-your-buck tool that will transform your floral skills?

Building a great relationship with your suppliers. When you become their friend they know what you like and can let you know when something new and fabulous comes in. It’s great! I also recommend great sheers. If you can keep up with them…buy a few and stash them around your studio for quick finding. Somehow they always seem to get lost!

What is your favorite shape vessel/vase/container to work with?

I just adore a good thrift store find, any good vessel that has a unique shape to it makes me happy. I don’t worry too much about the mouth of the vessel because I can always use oasis or a frog to get the movement I want.


What is your #1 flower or floral arranging tip?

Don’t be afraid to let the flowers move where they want — let them fall where it is natural for them.


What’s hot in your market? What flower/floral trend is everyone asking about in Atlanta?

Big Blooms. Fluffy lush blooms! Garden-y wildflowers with a handpicked feel seem to be what’s on everyone’s minds right now!


Check out all our participating florists around the country and join Amy Osaba at west elm Atlanta!
Sunday, April 29
Sunday, May 6
Sunday, May 13


Amy Osaba is the founder of Amy Osaba Event.Floral.Design, an Atlanta event design house. Connect with Amy and her team on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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