The ladies of Solabee will be selling stems and sharing floral advice at the Pop-Up Flower Shop at west elm Portland. We asked Alea and Sarah to share some florist tips with Front & Main — from their favorite budget-friendly stems to expert advice on containers and vessels. Check it out!

What is your favorite inexpensive stem/filler to use in your designs?

We love to use what ever is in season that moment, always the freshest and best priced!

What is your favorite splurge stem?

We love orchids, peonies and poppies!


What tool would you recommend to a novice florist? What is the best bang-for-your-buck tool that will transform your floral skills?

A good pair of clipper or floral design knife. The sharp blade allows the flowers access to more hydration, thus allowing them to last longer. Feeling invested in your tools inspires you to do better work.

What is your favorite shape vessel/vase/container to work with?

A fun vintage find keeps things diverse and special!


What is your #1 flower or floral arranging tip?

Study the way flowers grow naturally. How far the flowers falls from the foliage, the ways in which they reach for the sun, try to emulate that in your designs.

What’s hot in your market? What flower/floral trend is everyone asking about in Portland?

People want to know what is in season, verses the old days when an attachment to one type of flower would dictate taste all year long. We love this! We allow the flower of the moment to have its time in the spot light.


Check out all our participating florists around the country and join Solabee at west elm Portland!
Saturday, April 28
Saturday, May 5
Saturday, May 12


Alea and Sarah Solabee are the founders of Solabee, a Portland floral design studio that specializes in local and sustainably grown flowers. Connect with Solabee on Facebook.

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