For three weeks this Spring, Becca Olcott of Petal Floral Design will be selling stems and sharing floral advice at the Pop-Up Flower Shop at west elm Boston. Becca was kind enough to share some florist tips with the readers of Front & Main — from her favorite splurge-worthy stems to her favorite vessels for flowers. Check it out!

What is your favorite inexpensive stem/filler to use in your designs?

My favorite inexpensive stem is any greenery around. I adore greens. Maybe it’s because I am also a gardener, but I just think you can add so much natural depth to an arrangement with gorgeous wispy greens.


What is your favorite splurge stem?

Oh man, this is a very difficult question to answer with just one. If pressed, I’d have to say that I’ve recently been adoring the King Protea. It’s soft in color with super sharp edges.  It’s such a fabulous balance of texture, shape, and color. But my usual suspects are garden roses, french ranunculus and tree peonies.  They’re all so full with delicate petals, one glance or sniff really takes your breath away.


What tool would you recommend to a novice florist? What is the best bang-for-your-buck tool that will transform your floral skills?

The most valuable tool is your hands — don’t take these babies for granted!  To transform a bloom just by delicately removing a few petals is something only very controlled fingers can do.  To dig in the dirt, to carefully arrange, it’s all tactile.


What is your favorite shape vessel/vase/container to work with?

Love this question!  My first attraction is always to antiques.  From old baby bath tubs to lemon juicers, nothing is more fun than adding charm to charm with blooms and antique vessels.


Check out all our participating florists around the country and join Petal Floral Design at west elm Boston!
Saturday, April 28
Saturday, May 5
Saturday, May 12


Becca Olcott is the founder of Petal Floral Design, a New England floral design studio that specializes in weddings, social events + weekly accounts. Connect with Becca on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.

Images: 1: Taylor Gage Photography; 2: Rebecca Hansen; 3: Clinton Friedman for west elm; 4: Petal Floral Designs; 5: Michelle Gardella Photography

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