Following a 2010 collaboration that included pillows, ceramic dishes and framed artwork, Patch NYC has a new collection of framed garden-themed art with west elm. Patch NYC designers John Ross and Don Carney regularly collaborate on a range of art, fashion and home decor accessories and these new prints by Don are ink drawings featuring stylized flora and fauna.

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Each of the four prints that are part of the new collection with west elm are printed in sepia ink and framed in linen mats and silver foil frames.

artwork-bug-insect-patch-nyc-don-carney-west-elm-spring-art branch-botanical-print-framed-art-artwork-west-elm-patch-nyc-don-carney don-carney-woodpecker-bird-west-elm-framed-artwork-art-print-modern don-carney-botanical-print-west-elm-art-patch-nyc

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