Kinfolk held their first Dinner Series meal in Portland Oregon last month. west elm is excited to be included in these events (you might recognize some of our dinnerware!) and we’ll be joining the festivities on February 26 in Brooklyn…

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Our first dinner series event was in Portland, Oregon last weekend. We partnered with some great local businesses and it turned out to be a nice, enjoyable evening for everyone involved. It was the perfect start to the series and we can’t wait for the next dinner in Brooklyn this month!

Interested in joining Kinfolk + West Elm for the Brooklyn dinner? Sign up for the lottery at Kinfolk | Dinner Series. If selected, Kinfolk requires $40 payment within 7 days.
Full ticket amount goes to cover cost of food. TICKETS

kinfolk-dinner-portland-west-elm-salad-servers-wood-acacia platinum-rim-stemless-glass-west-elm-modern-kinfolk-dinner-portland salad-bowl-wood-acacia-west-elm-modern
flow-modern-dinnerware-west-elm-kinfolk-portland large-serving-bowl-modern-west-elm-kinfolk-dish-entertaining silverware-promenade-basic-cutlery-west-elm-stainless

kinfolk-magazine-quarterly-casual-entertaining-west-elm-volume-2Kinfolk is a quarterly print and tablet guide for small gatherings. Whether it’s entertaining for one, two, or a few, Kinfolk encourages a natural approach to spending time with family and friends.
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February 27, 2012

It was so nice to sit next to ‘west elm’ at the BK Kinfolk Dinner. Not least, equally as lovely to see the table spread with some of my favourite West Elm wares!

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