washed-quilt-blue-aquamarine-west-elm-modern-beding blue-vases-bowls-glass-pacific-west-elm-aquamarine blue-fish-ceramic-geometric-pattern-west-elm
blue-patch-piece-patched-handmade-unique-rug-west-elm silk-pillow-agate-green-blue-aquamarine cotton-shower-curtain-aquamarine-blue-pattern-west-elm
pool-water-blue-ripples-reflection-pillow-west-elm-cover blue-aquamarine-texture-vase-bowl-west-elm-mcm-mid-century-style zig-zag-napkin-cotton-blue-pattern-modern-west-elm

Aquamarine is an ideal color for this time of year — it brightens the grayer days and adds a jolt of color reminiscent of a beach or tropical destination. Check out our entire assortment of aquamarine accents by clicking the images above or visiting west elm | Aquamarine Dream.

SHOP AQUAMARINE Click the images above or visit west elm | Aquamarine Dream.

Pinteresting: Aquamarine

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Fun Fabric Friday: Aquamarine | everything in 3s

February 10, 2012

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