FEATURED: Tillary Sofa
WHY IT WORKS: Teresa gave us a glimpse of her workspace and now she shares a look at an extra bedroom that she’s outfitted with west elm’s Tillary Sofa — an armless sofa that Teresa can use as a guest bed…

Our home is small so every inch of space counts. I sometimes refer to it as our “little west elm house” as there is something in almost every part that I have bought at west elm that serves dual purposes..such as round table that is a side table, an additional dining table or card table depending on the need…a woven chair that is either a desk chair or extra dining chair…dishes that I use for my food and prop styling jobs that are also my every day at home dishes for our meals…a sofa that is also a bed in an extra bedroom…and on and on. As a food and photo stylist, west elm is a treasure trove of goodies for seasonal home & photo decor which also fit into my personal home style. I mix west elm with my “finds” and “hand made” art pieces both modern and vintage and it all works so well that I am always happy to return home each day. I was very happy when west elm opened a store in Nashville — it has become one of my hangouts.

See more of Teresa’s home: Teresa Blackburn’s Modern Woven Shaker Chair.

UPDATE: Yes, it is indeed the Tillary and not the Baxter! Thanks for all of your help!

tillary-small-basic-modular-sofaSHOP TILLARY SOFA
Baxter Sofa

Image: via Teresa Blackburn


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January 30, 2012

I just love the combination of woven baskets, moody art and a hot pop or orange with the pillow. Of course the sofa looks fabulous!


January 30, 2012

That looks like the Tillary as opposed to the Baxter – just basing it on the back-rest that is uneven on the other side.


February 1, 2012

I agree. I mean the Baxter looks comfy, but would be harder to make up as a proper bed than the Tillary since the back rests come off. Also it seems to be more elevated from the floor and in one of the fabrics that is stock for the Tlllary.

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