FEATURED: Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet + Shams + Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover
WHY IT WORKS: Inundated with color and pattern all day for her job as a freelance textile & print designer, Lesley loves the textures of her all white bedding. Check out how this she makes it work in her home in Taos, New Mexico…

I am addicted to my west elm bedding! I often think of buying another bed set from west elm to change it up every few months, but I love the set I have so much that I just can’t bring myself to buy another. I have the Pintuck Duvet and Shams, a few Mongolian Lambswool Pillows, a crocheted pillow and throw as well as a faux fur throw. I love how it creates a clean all white look with mixed textures. My husband and I are designers with somewhat different tastes and although he loves how the bedroom is decorated, I kind of claimed this room as my own decorating project.

I am a freelance textile designer/print studio owner and blogger, so I am super picky about fabric and patterns. I think I chose solid bedding because I stare at patterns all day, but the lambswool, pintucks and crochet add so much texture that it still looks interesting. It makes me feel like I am entering a luxury hotel room every time I go into my bedroom to relax. I love how the bedding looks with our amazing views of the mountains and snow in the background.

See more of Lesley’s work and inspiration on her design blog, Hunt + Gather Studio.

pin-pintuck-tuck-bedding-pleats-ruffles-west-elm-organicSHOP THIS LOOK
Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet + Shams
Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover

Image: via Lesley Merola-Moya


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Chloe davis

January 9, 2012

Don’t know how you get the bedding so “not wrinkly”. Mine is never that smooth even if I iron and my pin ticks continually rip!


January 9, 2012

Hey Chloe, Don’t iron the duvet. Put it in the dryer on a very low setting.Make sure you put the duvet back on the comforter immediately after pulling out of the dryer. It is better to get the wrinkles out with a longer, low heat than the quick blast of an iron.


January 9, 2012

Mine doesn’t wrinkle and I have 4 cats sleeping on it most of the time 🙂
Whenever I wash it, I put it in the dryer and then immediately put it the duvet back on the comforter. I am definitely NOT one to iron bedding, I like it easy! I was super afraid to get all white bedding, especially because of my cats, but I just throw it in the wash with some eco friendly gentle laundry detergent and a bit of oxy clean and it stays perfect. I have had this same bedding for almost two years now.

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