FEATURED: Modern Woven Shaker Dining Chair
WHY IT WORKS: Teresa — a professional food stylist and a blogger — uses her Modern Woven Shaker Dining Chair at her desk — a great solution for her ecelctic and stylish living room!

Our home is small so every inch of space counts. I sometimes refer to it as our “little west elm house” as there is something in almost every part that I have bought at west elm that serves dual purposes..such as round table that is a side table, an additional dining table or card table depending on the need…a woven chair that is either a desk chair or extra dining chair…dishes that I use for my food and prop styling jobs that are also my every day at home dishes for our meals…a sofa that is also a bed in an extra bedroom…and on and on. As a food and photo stylist, west elm is a treasure trove of goodies for seasonal home & photo decor which also fit into my personal home style. I mix west elm with my “finds” and “hand made” art pieces both modern and vintage and it all works so well that I am always happy to return home each day. I was very happy when west elm opened a store in Nashville — it has become one of my hangouts.

We’ll share more of Teresa’s use of west elm at home in the next few weeks!

dining-chair-shaker-woven-blackSHOP PRODUCT MODERN WOVEN SHAKER CHAIR
Modern Woven Shaker Dining Chair

Image: via Teresa Blackburn


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