Dabito is the ideal blogger to help us kick off the New Year — his blog OldBrandNew is a refreshing and calming source for amazing and inspiring photos. Whether you’re checking to see how he’s arranged his living room this month, or envious of his thrifty finds, we bet you’ll be back again and again. Find out what makes Dabito tick…


OldBrandNew is a personal blog that is primarily photobased — you post about your vintage finds, your ever-changing apartment, your everyday life and your style influences — how would you describe your passions and how do you stay inspired to blog?

I love making something new from something old. Whether it’s using vintage film cameras to take photos, applying old printmaking techniques to create new prints or finding ways to incorporate my thrifty finds into my modern lifestyle. Blogging is a way to keep me motivated to create stuff. And I have a beautiful dog named Beatrice Arthur who loves to have her photos taken. 


How would you describe the Old Brand New style?

Hmm…old + new? OLD BRAND NEW!


What are your favorite tools for thrifting?


Carry antibacterial gel or wipes when thrifting. And be patient. It requires some digging to find treasures and thrift frequently because there are always new stuff coming in everyday. 


What are your favorite tools for photography + blogging? (I know you have lots of cameras!)

Haha, yes, I do! I love vintage film cameras, like my Yashica D or my Contax T2 which were found at thrift stores. I try to use film as much as possible because it’s quite magical. But I love digital just as much. The iPhone is my trusty sidekick. Crazy how good a camera it is. My go-to apps are Cross Process and Instagram.


And tools for blogging, beautiful photos really help and take time to find your voice whether it’s in the form of writing, photography, or making fun stuff to share.


Surprising Post: Could you give an example of an Old Brand New post that surprised you — either by being crazy-popular, crazy polarizing or surprisingly lame?

My House of Mismatched Chairs post. I keep finding these lovely chairs at the thrifts.


One of the exciting things about blogging is getting reader feedback in the form of comments and email — do you have a favorite example of some of the feedback you receive?


Reader’s comments are super sweet. Especially when I first opened my online print shop. Even though Old Brand New is a personal blog it was the first time I talked about my personal work. I said how it’s never too late to start doing what you love which was inspired after something Tom Robbin’s wrote, “it’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” And I think that resonated with people. They commented and shared their personal stories with me and it became this wonderful dialogue. And that’s when I realized how awesome and supportive this community is.


What are your favorite sources of inspiration?


Gathering with friends, reading Haruki Murakami, flipping through Apartamento, and listening to Feist’s new album which is totally hitting the sweet spot right now. Blogs like Compai, Raneytown, and Old Chum all fuel my creativity. 


Dream Project: What project have you wanted to do but continue to put off?

I have so many projects on my list, like, expand my shop, open up a printmaking studio, create workshops, start a zine, collaborate more, or sometimes I wanna just open up an ice cream parlor because there’s never enough of those in this world! ;D


Thanks for letting me be a guest!


You can see updates from Dabito on OldBrandNew.

Images by Dabito; portrait photo by Cindy Hu

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January 3, 2012

Old Brand New is hands down my favorite blog. Dabito’s light, fun tone and inspiring photos always put me in good spirits. He’s an amazing Printmaker and photographer, stylist– etc. such a talent. I loved reading this feature on him! You guys should sell his prints at West Elm. I’d buy ’em in a heartbeat!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar

January 3, 2012

I’ll second Justina, you HAVE to stock his prints. I have Dab’s ‘home is where the heart is’ yellow print on my dining room wall 🙂 Great interview!


January 3, 2012

Love this feature! I absolutely adore Dab’s blog. Constant source of inspiration! I have one of his beautiful prints… I smile every time I look at it!


January 3, 2012

Lovely and inspiring interview! Old Brand New is on my ‘happy blogs’ list and it does make me happy! Great work by a creative guy! Bravo.


January 3, 2012

Great blog, lovely chap ….. winning combination!


January 3, 2012

Yay for Dabito! Another fan longtime here!


January 3, 2012

Dabito you can do no wrong for me!!!!!!



January 3, 2012

Such a wonderful interview with an incredibly talented fellow. Old Brand New is a breath of fresh air in the blogging world + I third the comments above! His prints + your store = a winning combination.


January 4, 2012

Dabito is truly the sweetest. XO LOVE.


January 4, 2012

I love Old Brand New. I started following it recently but I love his ‘eye’. good stuff.


January 6, 2012

LOVE Dabito and old Brand New. Definitely one of my fav blogs to read weekly!!!
xo Meagan

Chanee {me}longings

January 10, 2012

YAY! I’m so thrilled to read your interview with Dabito. He’s the kindest soul, and I adore his super crisp and colorful blog. The photos are like sunshine. Smiles!


January 14, 2012

So well deserved, Dabito!! Loved learning more about you and your lovely blog!


February 18, 2012

:] <3 Dabito

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