Carol Padberg has four prints in the 20×200 + west elm collection. Her graphic works are largely inspired by the codes and symbols found in everyday life — everything from barcodes to modernist fonts and logos.

affordable-art-green-yellow-framed-carol-padberg-20x200-westelmSpot by Carol Padberg. Frame: 16″ x 20″; mat opening 8″ x 8″.

ARTIST Q&A: Carol Padberg

Tell us about your work:

Whether it’s a barcode that holds data, a modernist font that shows the ideals of minimalism or a logo that conveys a quick read, my work is inspired by encoded abstractions in everyday life. I‘ve explored this subject in a variety of materials. Often, I choose materials that create tension between the flat graphic voice of type or data and the fluidity of handwriting and, by extension, the human body.

glyph-carol-padberg-affordable-art-framed-orange-yellow-abstractGlyph by Carol Padberg. Frame: 24″ x 30″; mat opening 18″ x 24.25″.

How do you live with art?

My studio is the third floor of our house (we knocked out all the walls to create an open, light-filled space). Our home is filled with art by my friends, and textiles and pottery from places my art has taken me to — for example, France, Ghana, Spain and Korea.

weave-black-white-woven-print-framed-carol-padberg-artWeave by Carol Padberg. Frame: 24″ x 30″; mat opening 18″ x 18.8″.

What is a favorite gallery or museum that you particularly love or that inspires your work?

I love MASS MoCA for its absolute sense of unbounded creative possibility, the Museum of Arts and Design for showing me the power of humanity’s innovations and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where I can walk through mysterious times and places that are only accessible through art.

small-art-affordable-green-circles-yellow-framed-westelm-carol-padberg-20x200Smile by Carol Padberg. Frame: 24″ x 20″; mat opening 12″ x 15.4″.

Tell us about what it’s like to work with 20×200 as an artist.

Working with 20×200 is very enjoyable! It’s like being part of a large and dedicated art tribe. Jen’s art and retail philosophy have brought more art into more people’s homes than any single project in the last 50 years. (Okay, that’s not a fact that I can prove, but don’t you think it might be true?)

For more about Carol, visit 20×200.

Image: portrait courtesy of Lorraine Greenfield

frames-20x200-art-affordable-easy-modern-stylish-giftSHOP 20×200 + west elm
Spot by Carol Padberg
Glyph by Carol Padberg
Weave by Carol Padberg
Smile by Carol Padberg
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