Dutch photographer Bert Teunissen contributed two prints to the 20×200 + west elm collection. These graphic black & white prints were derived from Teunissen’s photographs taken from a helicopter flying over Atlanta, Georgia!

Atlanta-06-005934-15A by Bert Teunissen. Frame: 31″ x 41″; mat opening: 22″ x 31″.

ARTIST Q&A: Bert Teunissen

Tell us about your work:

As a photographer, it’s all about the pleasure of watching, discovering and associating. Traveling around the world, especially in Europe, I trained myself to look closely. I shoot with anything that’s in reach as long as it takes film — most often with a half-frame Olympus Pen camera. My “Travelogs,” the books I produce of these images, document my trips and experiences.

How do you live with art?

I work on my own projects and collect photographs and books about photography. I try to see as many exhibitions and to make as many exhibitions as possible. I also give a lot of lectures, and now and then I do workshops with students.

Atlanta-06-005939-22A by Bert Teunissen. Frame: 20″ x 24″; Mat opening: 12″ x 17″

What is a favorite gallery or museum that you particularly love or that inspires your work?

Huis Marseille in Amsterdam — their magnificent collection covers everything from historic to contemporary photography. In New York, I love the MoMA, the Guggenheim and the Frick Collection. In London, the National Portrait Gallery and the Photographers’ Gallery; in Paris, the Centre Pompidou and the Fondation Cartier.

Tell us about what it’s like to work with 20×200 as an artist.

It’s a lot of fun to work with Jen and her team. They have a very good website, and I love how easy and approachable it is. The choice of artists is always fresh and interesting. I also like hearing people’s reactions to the site — they are always very enthusiastic about the whole process.

For more about Bert, visit 20×200.

Image: self-portrait courtesy of Bert Teunissen.

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Atlanta-06-005934-15A by Bert Teunissen
Atlanta-06-005939-22A by Bert Teunissen
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