papier-paper-mache-haiti papier-paper-mache-haiti-wildebeest-taxidermy paper-papier-mache-pumpkins-halloween-haiti
paper-papier-mache-reindeer-christmas-haiti-craft large-paper-papier-mache-antlers-deer-rack 12-days-of-christmas-ornaments-papier-mache
paper-mache-papier-taxidermy-antelope paper-papier-mache-stag-reindeer-mounted-head small-paper-mache-antlers

The French translation of papier-mâché is chewed paper — and that’s really all you need to know! Commonly made with discarded newspaper and cardboard combined with a starchy glue or paste, papier-mâché has been used to make everything from masks to architectural features and with the addition of molds, frames and armatures is an eco-friendly and versatile material. At west elm, we’ve partnered with Haitian artisans to create a collection of decorative home accessories and holiday ornaments made from papier-mâché.

SHOP PAPIER-MÂCHÉ Click the images above or visit west elm Handmade in Haiti to purchase west elm products that are red.

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