Stylist PJ Mehaffey wanted to upgrade his NYC apartment’s hallway runner. He had his eye out for something skinny that wouldn’t hide the mahogany inlay in his hardwood floors. An afforable option was evading him until he took matters into his own hands…

PJ used 3 of west elm’s smaller sized Zig Zag Bath Mat — measuring only 20″x34″ — and stitched them together creating a rug that was only 20 inches wide but over 8 feet long.



Read about PJ’s process and his tips for a similar project on his blog PJ Mehaffey | The bath mat that changed my life…

chevron-herringbone-zig-zag-bath-mat-rug-colorSHOP ZIG ZAG BATH MAT
Zig Zag Bath Mat – 2 sizes

Images: PJ Mehaffey

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November 10, 2011

Oh-la-la, I like that! I too am really struggling with rugs…..sigh. I wanted something plush and vibrant, but I may go with a West Elm fiber rug.

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