Tyler Goodro is a man on a modern mission. A multi-disciplined designer his site Plastolux has evolved from a portfolio of his own work to a blog that Tyler uses to share his various inspirations and modern DIY projects. Based in Southeast Washington state, Plastolux is one of our go-to sites for our Dream House of the Day features on Facebook and Twitter and we hope it becomes a favorite of yours, too!

On Plastolux you post about your MCM inspired DIY projects, your inspirations, your style influences and recently the semi-customization of your new home — how would you describe your passions and how do you stay inspired to blog?

I would describe my passions as almost obsessively seeking the unique, handmade and imagined concepts that have a modern flavor.


I stay inspired by the visual dialogue that is created by others. Blogs, creatives, craftsmen, designers and artists all feed this dialogue. There is such an abundance of amazing “things” always happening. I am also inspired by those I have come in contact with or have met in person because of my blog.


Clearly it is modern — but how would you more descriptively describe the Plastolux style?

That is a tough question, there are elements from many different styles that I like. Mid Century Modern, Contemporary, Minimal, Asian Modern and Ultra Modern are just a few that I am drawn to. I really enjoy juxtaposition, like pairing an old worn surface with a glossy object. I love seeing spaces that have personal elements in them, not too “hotelish”, probably not a real word but you know what I mean. I also love art, my background is in graphic design and I really appreciate all mediums of art in an interior space. I guess to sum up my style I would have to say Eclectic Modern would fit who I am.


You’ve shared some of your own killer DIY projects on Plastolux — from a Saarinen-inspired side table to impressively restoring Eames shell chairs. What are your favorite tools for DIY?

My tool collection has to be the biggest joke. I have the garage of misfit tools, no matching sets with random wrenches and screwdrivers all over the place. I did get a new table saw this year, nothing really fancy though.


Surprising Post: Could you give an example of a Plastolux post that surprised you — either by being crazy-popular, crazy polarizing or surprisingly lame?

My most surprising post was one of my DIY project that I had done with an old print and frame I found in an Antique shop. I found an old print of a painting of George Washington. The painting itself was modern in a way because it was an unfinished portrait that had to major blocks of color. At first I wanted to mess with the print itself. Maybe make the bottom white section a collage of randomness but the more I looked at it, I didn’t want to detract form its simple elegance. Then it finally dawned on me to try and take the beauty of the painting onto the frame. I really didn’t think much of it but it made its way around the blogosphere and people really had a lot of positive things to say. One individual even gave the same treatment to an older painting of a ship at sea, it turned out pretty cool. Thrifting With George.


One of the exciting things about blogging is getting reader feedback in the form of comments and email — do you have a favorite example of some of the feedback you receive?

I have always liked feedback good or bad. It is good to know when you may have helped someone with their project through your own DIY’s. I also post a lot of inspiring interiors, architecture, furniture and art that has helped inspire others with their own projects. One piece of feedback I really liked because my site was being used in a college setting by a teacher:

Hey there,
I am addicted to your blog. It’s funny how growing up I so wanted to be an architect. I didn’t choose that path (i was intimidated by math). However I am and always have been a conceptually creative person. My career path was in fashion design and art. Currently I teach color theory and design principles at the college level and this site…even though it is basically an interior and architecture blog…I follow religiously for inspiration. It takes me back to what I wanted to be and makes me proud as well to be a part of a design community…yours included!
So happy every day to see your posts.
I use this site occasionally to discuss the shape and structure emphasis as compared to what we see in fashion. Hey, it all mixes and mingles does it not?
Thank you!!!

What are your favorite sources of inspiration? Blogs, books, artists, etc.

I used to have a lengthy list of bookmarks I would run down every day but that list has gotten smaller and smaller. Lately I have been hitting up what I call “pic dump” sites, that are all image and no text. It is a great way to visually scan things you like. I enjoy a lot of Tumblr sites but unfortunately there is a bad habit of people not sourcing their images.

I have a long list of bookmarks but here are some of my daily visits:




Dream Project: What project have you wanted to do but continue to put off?

My ultimate dream project would be to design a custom home from the ground up or do a complete gut job on an existing home. But neither of those are in my near future.

I have a very long list of projects that never seems to get any shorter. Just about every day I see something that makes me think “I want to try that, or what spin can I put on that”. With our new house we are taking it one room at a time. For my 9 year old son (Dempsy) we are trying to do an Ace Hotel vibe. One project for his room that I am really stoked to try is a floor-to-ceiling headboard made from shipping pallets. After I get it built I want to wood burn a crest/mural into it. The only requirement that Dempsy has given so far is that the crest/mural needs to have a skull in it.

You can see updates from Tyler on Plastolux.

Portrait: Kim Fetrow for Plastolux
Images: via Plastolux

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November 1, 2011

Great Interview! Plastolux seems so much more personal to me now having read this.


November 2, 2011

So nice to read this interview and to put a face on the man behind Plastolux. I’ve meet Tyler through Flickr and i’m always impressed by his great finds! He was even kind enough to feature my work on his blog! (thank you!!) Keep up the good work Tyler!


November 3, 2011

Where in Washington are you? People ssem to think style only exists in Seattle, youre proving them wrong! (Greetings from Bellingham!)


November 3, 2011

Thanks for the kind words! Bekah, I am on the East side, Tri-Cities. I am really a transplant from LA. I have been in WA for almost 7 years now.

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