Accompanying the launch of her book Design*Sponge at Home, Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge selected artists and crafters to customize west elm products to be auctioned off to benefit the New York Public Library. Each of the designers gave their own stamp of style to the various pieces that were auctioned on 9/13. Here are the one-of-a-kind designs from Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This


Erica put her DIY skills to work by customizing the various sizes and shapes in west elm’s Pure White Ceramic Vase Collection. With a Swiss army knife, cutting mat, glue gun and metallic trim (Erica got hers at M&J Trim in NYC) Erica put her own unique spin on the vessels and she believes it’s a project that anyone can accomplish.



  1. Lay metallic trim onto cutting board and use your Swiss Army knife to cut the trim into the desired size (I cut strips)
  2. When cutting, hold trim with one hand down onto cutting board so it stays in place and apply ample pressure when cutting
  3. After planning out your desired design, apply small drops of glue on the back of the trim
  4. Carefully adhere trim onto the vase
  5. Press down, and hold in place for approximately 30 seconds before continuing to glue more
  6. After your designs are complete, use your Swiss army knife to clean up any unwanted glue dots or glue cobwebs


If you’re interested in tackling a similar project, Erica has a few tips to make your own customization easier:

    Have a Plan! Map out your design before committing to the glue. Don’t be afraid to try several variations and patterns. When I like the design I have just laid out (pre-glue), I will snap a photo on my iphone to replicate the design.
    Imperfection is perfection! Don’t get discouraged with “mess-ups”. Embrace your happy accidents and build upon them. Sometimes, my favorite designs were the unexpected and unplanned ones. When I created these, I didn’t mean to mix the metallic hues on one of the vases. After I accidentally glued gold where the silver was intended, I continued that pattern and loved it!
    Glue Gun gossip: When using glue gun, always be sure to use small amounts. The glue will spread and look messy if you apply too much. Glue can get “stringy” and not so neat — so keep that in mind. Also, it’s very easy to burn yourself. I know that may seem like DIY 101, however — glue is much hotter than you may think. Lastly, invest in a cordless glue gun. It will change your life. P.S. Trust me!

white-vase-west-elm-basic-displaySHOP PURE WHITE CERAMIC VASE COLLECTION
Pure White Ceramic Vase Collection

You can see Erica’s recap of the project and event and even more of Erica’s various craft and DIY projects on her blog,

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