FEATURED: Parsons Mirror Desk
WHY IT WORKS: Statement piece! This striking piece is unique — in a room crowded with furniture and things it might disappear from view as it reflects its surroundings but in this instance of a sparsely furnished space it commands attention! The desk’s shiny shape is echoed in the sparkling frames that hang above it.

See more of Penelope’s beautiful home designed by Lonny Editor in Chief Michelle Adams in Lonny | August+July 2011.

west-elm-parsons-mirror-deskSHOP PARSONS MIRROR DESK
Parsons Mirror Desk


Image: Patrick Cline for Lonny


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October 5, 2011

I am using this public forum to beg West Elm to please, please, please make the mirror surface available in the mini-Parsons desk size. Small foyers deserve style too, no?


October 13, 2011

I second Lisa’s request.


January 25, 2012

I third it.


January 26, 2012

I think they need to sell a lacquer polish for the colored versions of the parsons, as I have had a BEAR of a time finding a cleaner even online and have been using windex.


January 27, 2012

May I ask where you found the super white fur? I’ve been looking in vain for awhile. Our home has a lot of crisp white (the table and chairs the furs would accompany are white), so sheepskins tried to date end up reading too yellow. Thanks!


January 28, 2012

Where can I get this chair? Thanks!

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