daniel kanter kitchen renovation with west elm market

Daniel Kanter of Manhattan Nest recently began renovating the 1840s house he purchased with his boyfriend in upstate New York, and his first step was an affordable overhaul of the original kitchen.

The original space’s problems ranged from weird wiring to vinyl-brick-patterned wallpaper, but Daniel totally succeeded in transforming his kitchen into a fresh and inviting space on a budget!

See for yourself how Daniel turned the kitchen from nightmare to dream space.

daniel kanter kitchen renovation with west elm market

Cutting board - daniel kanter kitchen renovation with west elm

“The space was a total nightmare when we moved in—crumbling linoleum floor, 1950s old wood cabinets with lots of wear and tear and corroding hardware and drippy polyurethane, leaky pipes running through it…everything was terrible. With a ton of elbow grease, lots of resourceful DIYing, a hefty dose of crazy, and some amazing products from west elm Market, though, we were able to completely transform the space on a budget.”

Kitchen utensils - daniel kanter kitchen renovation with west elm

Kitchen trays + towel - daniel kanter kitchen renovation with west elm

“The main light fixture in the room was a thrift find ($7!) in Sweden last summer. I carried it around disassembled in my suitcase for the entire trip and then hoarded it for a year when we got home… Lesson: always hoard light fixtures. You might buy a house and need them. It happened to me, people.”

daniel kanter kitchen renovation with west elm market

Kitchen shelves - daniel kanter kitchen renovation with west elm

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Jean Morgan

August 29, 2013

Love it! Especially the shelving, clever use of space! As was your use of paint!

christelle harris

August 29, 2013

woua love it !!! good job where the shelving is from???/


August 29, 2013

I can’t believe he kept that old stove! Otherwise, nice job! Love the tile work.


August 29, 2013

Daniel really needs a vent above the stove top with a functional fan. Cooking releases noxious chemicals that need to be ventilated out of the home (not to mention that humidity and condensation will be ever-present in the kitchen without it). Otherwise, very charming.

Frances Rollins

August 29, 2013

You did a great job,I live in a RV and would love to have my kitchen remodeled they say can not be done but I do not agree I have a big slide for my kitchen and living room and I have faith but no money,you should be proud of your work you are very talkented, God Bless

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