We’ve featured lots of magical rooms designed and styled by Emily Henderson — but here we get to see how she styles her own personal space, which includes a giant Souk shag rug and Parsons Towers




The TV is an eye sore but you know what else it is? My best friend, so it wasn’t going to leave the living room. But I did want it to feel less important than it truly is, so I decided to flank it with these simple white West Elm Parsons shelves and fill those bad boys with my favorite things.



Well, there you have it. Its been styled this way for a month or so now and so far i’m not changing it, which says a lot for me. I can’t tell you how nice it finally is to have a pulled together living room; long time coming. It’s happy and colorful and bright, with enough leather and wood to make Brian happy, and enough crazy to make me happy.


For more pictures and all the specific information on pricing and sourcing that you could ask for, see Emily’s posts: Style by Emily Henderson | Living Room ‘Before’ Photos +
Style by Emily Henderson | Introducing my Living Room.


wool-souk-moroccan-style-shag-rug-ivory-tassel-west-elm kew-dhurrie-blue-pattern-pouf-ottoman-stool-cushion-west-elm parsons-tower-book-shelf-storage-display-

Images: by Zeke Ruelas via Emily Henderson


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June 13, 2013

Love this! Of course Emily always does a great job, but this is gorgeous and livable with lots of character.


June 13, 2013

It looks like someone OD’d on Jonathan Adler. There isn’t a single place to sit in comfort with your feet up and read a good book. Also, there isn’t a good book in sight. I think most of the books in the book cases (which are not for books, it seems) were chosen for the colors of their covers. A ton of dollars spent on meaningless “objets” to fill the shelves.

The TV is the only truly beautiful thing in this room. It’s minimal and it works.

Sorry if this is a mean-spirited review but I am sick of looking at staged, posed, “styled” rooms. Is it too much to ask for a living room in which I can curl up with a good book, or chairs that invite a good friend to loosen up and tell me what’s going on in her life?

What is the purpose of that tan leather pouf with the books oh-so-carefully draped on top? Does the designer secretly operate a maid service? It must be hell to dust this place.

Lora Krouse

June 13, 2013

I guess? Actually before was minimalism beautiful, where now its cluttered and it’s filled up with a bunch of CRAP YOU BOUGHT just to seem cool!


June 13, 2013

I like it. It is really bright and she made it look larger. In the before picture, didn’t you use a flashbulb on your camera.


June 13, 2013

I agree with Jamie and Lora. The space was much better in the “before” picture because it at least had the potential to be comfortable. Now it’s just cluttered with meaningless crap. Okay, I like the rug. Otherwise, no thanks.

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