FEATURED: Painted Ikat Print Window Panel
WHY IT WORKS: Recently motivated to update her master bedroom, Rebecca of Campestral shares the transformation with us…


Our bedroom is really drafty, and the one heat vent in the ceiling blows right on the husband’s side of the bed and drives him crazy. So you know what is cheaper, and awesomer, than moving a heating vent? Bed curtains. I have always harbored a secret desire for a super princess-y bed, and this idea really jived with that. How often can you find a really practical reason to give yourself a super romantic princess bed? Just the once, in my life so far.




See more of Rebecca’s transformation at her blog, Campestral | Our Bedroom in the Barn: Before and After.

painted-print-ikat-indigo-blue-west-elm-modern-window-curtain-drapes-grommet-panel-fabric SHOP PATTERNED WINDOW PANELS
Painted Ikat Window Panel
Koba Window Panel
Tali Window Panel
Ikat Chevron Window Panel

Images: via Campestral | Our Bedroom in the Barn: Before and After


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January 15, 2013



January 15, 2013

awesome transformation!

Doris C

January 15, 2013

Wow! That’s amazing, I love it!

Beth Stark

January 15, 2013

love it-love the wall color-please share color and if flat, satin etc…thanks

Stacy @ Fritz & Fräulein

January 15, 2013

What a fantastic transformation! Using a darker grey in bedrooms can be tricky but combining this with the white, blue and camel tones chicly balances it (and avoids that dark cave-like look)! Nice work!

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